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Adult ADHD

ADHD is characterized by “the co-existence of attentional problems and hyperactivity, with each behavior rarely occurring alone”.

Adolescent Depression

Teenage depression isn’t just bad moods and the occasional melancholy—it’s a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teen’s life.

COPD & Smoking Cessation

In a healthy lung, the airways are open and the air sacs fill up with air. Then the air goes quickly out. COPD makes it hard to get air through the airways and into and out of the air sacs.


Also called major depression, major depressive disorder and clinical depression, it affects your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Depression may lead to a variety of physical and emotional difficulties.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder — sometimes called manic-depressive disorder — is associated with emotional swings that range from the downs of depression to the highs of mania.


While generalized anxiety disorder has the similar symptoms of a panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other types of anxiety, they’re all different conditions.

Eating Disorders

A person with an eating disorder may have started out just eating smaller or larger amounts of food, but at some point, the urge to eat less or more spiraled out of control.


People with fibromyalgia often awaken drained and not refreshed, even though they report sleeping for long time. Sleep is frequently disrupted by pain, and many patients with fibromyalgia have other sleep disorders.

I had the willingness to change - but for some reason, I knew that going back to my old medications wasn't the answer. Some of the new treatments I encountered at Integritrial have given me consistent, long-term relief.

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