There is finally a company in the Clinical Research industry that is willing to produce the kind of advertising that touches people.

Our clients, over the years, have had a lot of experience with companies that promise or “guarantee” X-number of qualified leads per month, for a fee that… doesn’t make sense. These companies rarely deliver.

The producers, writers and designers at Integritrial have been working in the clinical trial recruitment space for about 5 years. That may not sounds like a lot of time, but based on the pace at which advertising has been changing, that really IS enough time.

Very little that worked 5 years ago still works today. Consumers are fickle. They are also great detectors of gimmicks and insincerity. That’s why we believe in quality design and honest messages that compel people to think, and take action.

That’s why we’ve been successful. We run a low overhead operation with people that believe in quality. Does that sound good to you? Then get in touch and see how Integritrial can work for you.

Marketing Campaigns

From beginning to end – from concept to creation – Integritrial can design, build, produce and deploy full-service marketing campaigns for you next trial.

Digital Engagement

We go where the people are. Contemporary consumers are acutely aware of insincere advertising and messaging. We tell the truth because we respect people.

Ad Concept & Creation

These days, advertising has to be extraordinarily compelling, funny or effective enough to convert people on the small amount of attention they give. We can do that.

Social Media

We focus on the few channels of social media that people are willing to respond to. We know what works because our continued success tells us so. Let us work for you.

“If your messages aren’t remarkable, people are going to ignore you. If you don’t hit someone in the gut with your ad, you will be ignored. If people don’t laugh, or cry, or get scared about a future that is potentially worse than their present, they will not act on your advertising.”

-Damian Hanley, Founder of Integritrial

Have you noticed that the best ads come from insurance companies?

That’s because what they’re selling is so intangible, they have no other choice but to shamelessly grab your attention through entertainment. Well… the thing is, ALL advertising is moving that way. We’re not griping about it. We accept it.

And we pivot with the market. Nothing we produce could be accused of being stuffy, gimicky, or cliched. We produce engaging content. We’ll show you.