You need commercials & ads. We produce.


There are several ways you can use video to build trust, recruit patients and win new studies to keep your site running.
We offer affordable solutions that can meet your long-term needs.

Beautiful Video for Clinical Research Sites & Patient Recruitment.



Features can be added or subtracted based on needs.

Study Commercials

$ 1450

Starting AtShot on schedule within budget,

in cinematic, HD color.

Content writing & editing

IRB Submission

Professional Actors

Pro Voiceover

Square Videos for Social

YT Annotations & Playlists

YT Title & Tag Research

YT Discriptions & Backlinks

Site Virtual ToursFull Service

$ 2000

Starting AtDemonstrate the capability of your site,

and save time and money for everyone.

3D Motion Graphic Logo

On-Site Pro Photography

Win more Studies

Faster Approval for Your Site

Access to Stock Footage OR

Original Content

Content writing & editing

Pro Voiceover

Brand Films

$ 2200

Starting AtEstablish trust with your sponsors & patients

and improve your site reputation.

3D Logo Design

Pro Voiceover

Relay the Philosophy of Your Practice

Show Patients How and What You Do

Access to Stock Footage

Content writing & editing

Professional Actors

Pro Voiceover

Some Final Thoughts on Our Philosophy

Because anyone can stroke a check… We want to make sure we’re on the same page.

Simple is always better. Why? Because the quicker you get to the point, the quicker a decision can be made. When it comes to brand engagement, especially in life science and healthcare industries, streamlining value propositions is the best way to create lasting connections with your audience.

For example, we distilled the vitals of Audacity down to a single page. Strategically this approach is valuable on two levels:

First, by putting all our important details in one place, and in a logical order, a customer learns what we do, who we are, how we’re different, and why they should trust us, all in an organized manner. We put our story right in front of you—no clicking around for answers.

Second, a long page design is ideal for viewing on mobile devices. Gone are the days of pinching, zooming and resizing. This layout is perfect for stacking and scrolling on a phone or tablet.

It’s our job to convince you that we’re the right agency for your needs. By simplifying your experience, keeping you engaged from top to bottom and ultimately directing you to the end goal (contact us of course!) nothing is left to chance.

Janelle Macombs

On Screen Talent