At Integritrial…

We believe that most people are not far from turning the corner on their mental illness – or other treatable condition. Our company was founded by people that either suffered with, or had loved ones that suffered with severe forms of depression, eating disorders and adult ADHD. We know how important it is to find a treatment that works.

Getting new medications to market is expensive and time consuming – and we both rely on AND serve the people who have found conventional medications ineffective. When you interact with our company, you do so with dignity – as we operate in a stigma-free environment. Everyone’s story is different – so we’re not concerned with why you’re in the place you’re in – we’re concerned with getting you better treatment.

Our promise to you – is that if you’ll be honest with us about what’s really happening in your life – we’ll do our best to get you the treatment and resources you need to live your life. That’s a promise.

-Damian Hanley, Founder of Integritrial

What to Expect from Us…

We’re going to ask a few questions. Some of them we need to know the answer to in order to properly direct you. Please be as accurate as you can.

Based on your answers, we can then explain whether and how you may qualify for our treatment trials. We try to keep our questions to a minimum, as everyone’s short on time, but it’s important you’re thorough in considering each question.

For instance, if you definitely display symptoms of depression – and you want to enter our depression trial – it’s very important you don’t also diagnose manic symptoms as well. The medications for these conditions can vary greatly.

Whether or not you qualify, we still care about people that suffer, and we will share options with you that have been shown to diminish the effects of your malady. We are people too – so we understand how certain conditions can essentially dominate your life. We’re genuinely in this to help people – so let’s get started!

I had the willingness to change - but for some reason, I knew that going back to my old medications wasn't the answer. Some of the new treatments I encountered at Integritrial have given me consistent, long-term relief.

David. L

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